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Euan’s story on education
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This is Euan Semple. He’s one of those guys that I got to know, because they travel around a lot, speaking at conferences. The Reboot-conferences are our meeting-points. Since 2006 he’s his own boss, after leaving a carreer as (knowledge) manager at BBC. He’s originally Scottish, but now lives close to London, together with his wife and two daughters (11 and 8 years old).

Although we did have many short conversations during those conferences, I don’t know Euan that well. Adding small cues together I think of him as a smart looking (he’s lost good weight recently), eloquent (despite the accent) and distinguished consultant on the outside, but actually a rebel in disguise. If you watch the interview, you’ll know what I mean.

I hope to be able to go over to England at some point during the project and interview him at his home ground for In Full Flow and get to know more about Euan’s rebel side. For now enjoy his story on education.

Stories on our kids’ education – Euan from Elmine Wijnia on Vimeo.

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2 Comments to “Euan’s story on education”

  1. “My biggest fear is that they take it seriously”, heheh, I like that.