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Introducing: the real stories on education
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During the Reboot conference I collected some stories on education, and since the way we’re taught in school has so much influence on our lives after school, aka work-life, I thought I’d share these stories right here as a side topic of In Full Flow.

At Reboot11, two weeks ago, I was on the lookout for a proper topic to be able to interview some of the people attending the conference and let them share their story. Despite the theme of ‘Action’ I noticed on the first day not much was being said about education. I thought: “What? No call for action to or from teachers?”

On day 2 there were several sessions scheduled on education, so to some extend I came to my conclusion too early. Nonetheless I started collecting stories from the people that I knew have kids. Now I could just upload those stories to Youtube or the Reboot-website, share a link here and there, and leave it at that. However, I thought it too valuable material to let it vanish in the myriad of materials on the conference published online.

While collecting the stories I figured out that I could use these short video-interviews to start a sort of side conversation to the whole In Full Flow-project. One: I interviewed the same people that are high on my ‘to interview’-list (in other words, they’re part of the tribe I’m researching). Two: education forms us in many ways that influence the way we ‘run’ our lives as adults.

So here it is, my introduction to In Full Flow Education: the real stories on education. All things that deal with this side-project will be linked from the ‘Education’-button on the top-right of this site and will turn up as regular blogposts in your feed.

I’ll use the interviews I recorded during Reboot11 as a starting point for discussion and, most of all, I’d love to collect more stories. If you feel the need to add your story to the collection, go grab your webcam/Flip/iPhone/blog and share it with me.

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2 Comments to “Introducing: the real stories on education”

  1. Just a thought – might be interesting to think of your project as a collection of the interviews in “the tribe” on various topics around a theme from various people. Would be easier to collect/publish/discuss than longer interviews, but the drawback that personal “lines” would be less visible.

    Let’s talk about it next week…

  2. robertogreco says:

    I just stumbled upon this series and have been enjoying them. As a teacher and administrator at a progressive school in the US (class blog here), it is always fascinating and helpful to hear the perspective of others when it comes to school, learning, parenting, etc. Thanks for sharing.