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Jonathan’s story on education
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This is Jonathan Marks. He’s British (both his parents are Welsh), but lives in The Netherlands since 1980 when he was head-hunted for a job in Hilversum. Although a chemistry graduate, Jonathan has a background in the broadcasting industry, especially radio. His radio and video skills came to him through ‘Univeristy of Life’. Now he runs his own company called Critical Distance.

I got to know Jonathan in 2004 through the Dutch Connection (later IFCCC), an online group of people based in The Netherlands on Ecademy (one of the first big online business social network sites). The group held regular meetings in Amsterdam and evolved into setting up a foundation with the nine of us, including me and Jonathan. Sadly that foundation didn’t go anywhere, but Jonathan and I still bump into eachother every once in a while. At Reboot for instance.

Jonathan is a true traveler. He speaks and does projects all over the world. Most projects are paid for, but some are “paid in smiles”, as he often told me. I like that attitude.

I was lucky enough to do an audio-interview in 2006 for the foundation we were both part of and that’s how I got to know him a lot better. I re-listened to the interview and actually we talked a lot about education back then.

Jonathan has three kids, young adults now. Watch and listen to the story Jonathan shared with me on what’s lacking in at his son’s university.

Stories on our kids’ education – Jonathan from Elmine Wijnia on Vimeo.

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1 Comment to “Jonathan’s story on education”

  1. Ernst Phaff says:

    Smiled at the “down with the “doe maar gewoon” school”.
    Flinched at the 6 out of 10 thought (I think grading is counterproductive), but quickly recovered when Jonathan told about his idea of exellence.

    “we are doing fun stuff” and “bring something or stay away”

    agree on the “competition” that we dont know of. It scares the heck out of me too.