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Lee’s story on education
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This is Lee Bryant. Talking about rebels in disguise, meet another one. Under the British facade, Lee is rather radically passionate about certain topics.

I got to know Lee over the course of several conferences, starting with BlogTalk in 2004. He gives talks all the time, and somehow he always comes up with a new story to tell, no matter how much sleep he misses to create the slides.

He’s a co-founder and director of Headshift. When I first met him it was still a small group of consultants, but now Headshift is one of the leading companies in Europe on social business consulting with over 40 employees.

When we visited London earlier this year, Ton and I were invited to his (new) home and had a lovely dinner with him and his wife. I finally got to hear more stories on his time in former Yugoslavia during the war (where he met his wife). It proved to be a good opportunity to get to know his rebel side as well. ;-)

This is the story he shared with me on his daughter’s (8 and 4) education.

Stories on our kids’ education – Lee from Elmine Wijnia on Vimeo.

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  1. Michael says:

    Glad to see your interviewing skills are still sharp Elmine