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Peter’s story on education
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This is Peter Rukavina. Also known as my #2 in the regular In Full Flow project. This is what I wrote about him in an earlier post to announce him as #2:

I’ve met Peter at some point in time during one of the Reboots we both attended. The actual connection came through Ton, my husband. Read the wonderful story Ton and Peter both blogged on how they met up in the hotel lobby, late at night.

Peter works independently as a computer programmer. He lives in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Last year I had the privilege to travel all the way to this island on the east-coast of Canada. Peter was one of the two reasons visiting PEI, Robert Paterson being the other one. It is so insightful to have a look at the home-environment of someone you’ve only met at conferences. And how lovely it was to meet Peter’s wife and son.

Peter’s son is now eight years old and he shares a story with us on how he and his wife get more involved with his son’s teachers and education.

Stories on our kids’ education – Peter from Elmine Wijnia on Vimeo.

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