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Stowe’s story on education
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This is Stowe Boyd. He’s from the US and his home base is San Francisco.

I got to know Stowe as a member of what I call the ‘travelling conference circus’. Just as Lee and Euan, he presents at numerous occasions, a lot of European conferences including. I’ve heard him speak several times at Reboot and Next, always with something new to share.

Speaking at conferences is only the result of what Stowe does for a living. He works as an independent consultant and like to call himself a “software product theorist“. He focuses on the impact of social tools on business, media and society. He is a well known and respected blogger (since 2000).

I got to know Stowe as an open, warmhearted and smart guy. He likes smoking cigars and I’ve rarely seen him without his cap.

He spent quite some in Europe in the past and that’s what he would envision for his two sons to do as well: spend time abroad and learn a different language. Watch and listen to his story on college education in the US.

Stories on our kids’ education – Stowe from Elmine Wijnia on Vimeo.

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