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Interview #4: James Burke
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Yesterday, I went to Amsterdam and interviewed James Burke. For the first time I traveled by public transport and it was a challenge to pack all my gear. Watch me explain on video, yesterday morning, right before I left.

Packed for an inteview with James from Elmine Wijnia on Vimeo.

And I attached a tripod to the side. It was heavy!

I’ve met James through the Dutch Connection, a network of expats and locals living mainly in Amsterdam. Over the course of a couple of years the network transformed into a foundation of which James and I were co-founders together with 7 others. Sadly, the foundation went nowhere, but the connections are still there.

James is a warm and wonderful guy. He now works as an interaction designer based in Amsterdam, but he was brought up in England and went to university in America. Before his current work he was a cook and despite his current occupation, food is (still) his big passion.

It was a lovely interview and I hope to be able to publish snippets very soon.

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