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Fliming at BWACA2009Filming at Next09

I’ve learned some of the skills for filming and editing at university, during several multi-media courses. Those where the subjects I loved the most, but I never thought using the skills in my professional life after Uni. Just imagine the costs of all the equipment needed!

Who could have thought that making video, editing and sharing it online would become available to us all.

I’ve been in the possession of a high-end consumer camera for 10 years, filmed a lot, but only found the right tools for editing after switching to a Mac two years ago.

I get a kick out of using the material I catch on tape to create a story that reflects what happened. Editing is the one thing that keeps me up at night.

Now I want to step it up a level (or 3) and create a documentary on a theme that is just as close to my heart as editing: people and their (work)life stories.

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