In Full Flow
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Get involved

There are various ways you can get involved in this project.


Think along with me. I try to keep the process of the project as transparant as possible.

  • If you’re following the blog, encourage me by commenting.
  • If you’re an avid websurfer, feed me with resources. (e.g. use for:elmine in delicious)
  • If you’re a researcher, I could really benefit from your knowledge on methods and content.
  • If you’re a documentary maker, I would really appreciate feedback on my work so I can improve my skills.

Sponsor the project
So far, I’m doing this without a budget. There are tangible things that I need for the project, but can’t pay for. Listed below are some of the things that you perhaps could help me with:

  • a proper web-design:
    Right now I use a colourful theme I downloaded from WP’s themebase. Good enough for now, but I would love to have a design that matches the project. So if you’re a webdesigner and have a few hours to spare, design a WP-theme for the project.
  • lamps:
    For the video-interviews, I use three-point lighting. The lamps that I used for the first interview worked, but are not optimal. House-hold fittings are not designed for more than 60W and you can smell that quickly. Looking for a solution, something like this.
  • Bought them after a surprise refund from tax-office (can you believe it?!)

  • sharing video material:
    Video takes up a lot of GB’s. Currently I use Vimeo for my video-updates and that serves me well. However, when I’ll be sharing video-interviews I’m afraid that even upgrading to Vimeo Plus will not be sufficient. I haven’t figured out what would be a proper alternative.