Despite living in a city nearly at sea level, implying the coast can’t be too far away, Daughter never visited the beach. Therefore we drove more than 900 kilometres to the south, to a faraway beach in France to give her that experience.

Daughter had a very particular reason to want to visit the beach. In the past few days Man explained what the horizon was and that it was best seen at the beach.

So yesterday’s request was to go and see the horizon.

As it was a very warm and cloudless day and our morning routine is slow, we only drove to beach La Normandiere at the south of Bretignolle-sur-mere for a quick visit before lunch. Afterwards it would be too warm for the beach.

It was a short walk from the parking lot to the beach and Daughter got excited when she saw the sea. Once close to the water line I was close to tears seeing her being overwhelmed by it all. Sand as far as you can see. Water washing in and out with a lot of noise. A tractor pulling boats from the water. Sailing boats in the far distance. Children digging in the sand. And the horizon!

Man encouraged daughter to get her feet wet, but the unpredictable path of sea water was a bit too much. When a wave came close to her feet she ran from it.

Obviously it was a mistake not to bring digging gear straight away, but a promise to return the next day and build an enormous sand castle together was enough to convince her to move on to search for a place to have lunch.


We kept our promise and returned this morning, but building a sand castle turned out to be too boring. Playing role playing games with Dad turned out to be way more fun. That gave me a little bit of time to finally read a book. Or at least a chapter.

Daughter still didn’t get her feet wet.