Our variation on this theme involves providing Oliver with access to podcasts or music to listen to while he’s going to sleep.

Plan #1: give him my old mobile phone, hooked up to wifi, so he could stream Spotify. Problem: mobile phone also has a web browser so he would stay up all night surfing the web.

Plan #2: leave the mobile phone downstairs, hooked up to a Bluetooth speaker in his upstairs bedroom. Problem: flaky connection between phone and speaker meant a nightly frustration at bedtime to establish the connection.

Plan #3: Google Home speaker in his room, Spotify playlist setup every night, “ok Google, play some music on Spotify.” Problem: no connection issues, but after hundreds of playlists are created, Spotify takes ages to load and often times out. So a new frustration at bedtime.

Plan #4: switch to podcasts, via Pocket Casts app on his own mobile phone, sent by “casting” to the Google Home. Problem (that we’re living with): occasional issues getting phone to see the Google Home.