Oinkubators, organoids, the born and the made are merging, Bina48, mind files, 3D printed bones as an art exhibition, artificial wombs, orthodontics for sexual pleasure, less focus on the brain and more on the body, and the appeal to think slowly again. That summarizes the things I heard at Brave New World, a two-day conference on how future technology will impact human life. Clearly aimed at a scientific audience, the level of talks during this event was high and the quality was mostly in the excellent category.

I went purely for inspiration, as none of the subjects are in my field of expertise. However, there was an interesting recurring appeal that directly targeted the heart of what I do for a living. Many speakers hinted at the need for stories and future scenarios to better explain the implications of new technologies that are being developed right now.

Note to self: explore opportunities to apply storycrafting in the scientific domain.

Interesting detail during this conference: 9 out of 22 presenters where women. 40%. Pretty balanced.

Second note to self: very worthwhile to visit next year.