Daughter and I were on our way to the library when we passed a field where three people were using heavy duty mawn blowers to…well…line up all the tree leaves. The leaves must have been falling from the trees in a very disorderly manner so they probably deserved to be blown at. They would probably be sucked up by a heavy duty lawn vacuum at a later time, as it’s is the only way to whip decent manners into radical leaves, but all we witnessed at that particular time was three people blowing at leaves wearing a bored look on their faces.

Daughter stood still for a while, looked fascinated at the process. Then she put her hands to her ears and started complaining about the ridiculous noise and walked on.

When we were out of conversation cancelling noises’ reach, daughter asked me: can only men do that? It took me a little while to think of a proper answer. I would have loved to answer that only men would be stupid enough to take on sisyphus labor, but since these particular leaves blowers where of the ‘doing it because my boss told me to do it’-kind, that answer wouldn’t be entirely fair to them. Instead I played to ignorance card. “Oh really? Those were only men? I hadn’t noticed. It must be a coincidence you only saw men blowing at leaves in your life so far.”