It’s good to see you draw again, Peter. Our minds must have been in sync, because this week I got back to drawing as well.

I got into zentangle drawing five years ago. It was a great way to get my mind of things when I had to deal with losing my first pregnancy and dying parents in law, all within five months time. In the years to follow I didn’t draw as much as in that first year, but every now and then I grabbed a card and a pen to draw something. As I did this week.

My drawing evolved beyond the classic zentangle. I even used some watercolour to add a splash of colour this time. It is not a design that I planned to draw, it is what evolved after drawing the first line, the wave in the bottom half. I started yesterday, and finished it this morning. It is a great reminder to myself that even little bits of time can be used to create something. And that many little bits combined will get you to a finished product as well.

Windmills reinvented?