Generally speaking I am not a fan of going to the beach. Too hot. Too windy. Too sandy. Too cold. Too noisy. There is always something that makes me uncomfortable. But for the sake of good parenting I keep mostly quiet about my own prejudices in Daughter’s vicinity. Therefore I enthusiastically built sand castles together with Daughter in France last Summer and just last week I wholeheartedly agreed to go to the beach when we visited family living only a ten minute drive from the beach. Because good parenting also means to let Daughter experience as much as (safely) possible. Including a cold and windy beach. Just to show Daughter that it’s a place one can visit in summer AND winter.

Of course it was too windy, too cold and too sandy to my taste. Our visit didn’t last long, but at least Daughter got to walk at the beach with granddad. And granddad got to walk the beach with grandDaughter. What’s not to like.

(Grand)Dad and Daughter