I was at a hotel last night, brushing my teeth. As I always do while brushing my teeth, I mindlessly looked around. The bathroom tiles had an interesting pattern, yet were dull at the same time. I wondered why they choose the dark grey floor tiles. They didn’t combine well with the beige/brown tiles on the wall. I looked at the arrangement of hotel branded shower caps, shampoo and body lotion. And then my brain got confused. Organ extracts in soap? That can’t be true! Did I just wash my hands with organs? I took a proper look and now read: argan extracts. Phew! Now if I’d heard of the existence of argan trees before, my brain wouldn’t have made such a misinterpretation of the word, but I didn’t. So I had to look up what it is. Now I know that argan extracts come from the argan tree that grows in Morocco and when I duckduckgoed for images the results showed lots of goats climbing in it. The things I learn from brushing my teeth.