Daughter’s sleigh

Just before we left for our winter vacation I realised it would be fun for Daughter to sleigh. However, as the past winter, and the winter before that, were snowless, we hadn’t bought one. So last minute I ordered a traditional model (suitable for flat land) that could be taken apart so it would fit in the car (and in the shed). Even more last minute (as in the evening before we left) it got delivered and Daughter was very exited when she saw it standing in the hall when she woke up.

As excited as Daughter was of the idea of sleighing down hill, as scared she was of execution of the idea on day one. But as we already got used to, in her own time and with small steps, this morning she really enjoyed sleighing down hill at full speed to our rented home with one of her new lady friends. Yesterday she even attempted to go on her own, but it was a bit on the heavy side to pull up the hill.

It was a great last minute investment, that will last her life time.

P.S.: I learned that using water paint on pen ink results in smudging of the ink.