It’s Thursday. Today feels like a normal day. I usually take care of Daughter on Thursdays, so I just went about as any Thursday. Get up, have breakfast, play with Daughter, take a shower and head for the shops. Daughter on her bike, me on foot. Daughter sees or hears something, asks questions about it and I answer her as best as I can.

While walking through the neighbourhood I saw people in their home office talking through the phone, many kids gathered around the kitchen table to do schoolwork under supervision of their parents. All families are working on new routines.

Luckily most of the shops were open in our local shopping center. I bought stuff that the supermarket doesn’t sell: felt tips and stickers for Daughter and shampoo and conditioner for myself. We then went on to the bakery. It is the place we often go for a coffee and a cookie after our two kilometer walk to the library situated next door. As restaurants are closed, I wasn’t sure the bakery would be open. But as a food producer it is still allowed to stay open. Obviously we couldn’t sit down for a coffee, but we bought some cookies to take home (coffee to go is also still an option). Afterwards we passed the supermarket. I bought some bananas which were on stock after a few days of empty shells.

When we got home we had coffee, banana and chocolate chip cookies together. Just like we always do. The rest of the day I’ll be busy cleaning the home, folding the laundry and other things that need to be done around the house. Just like I always do on Thursdays. It almost felt like a normal morning.