When you move to a different place your behaviour changes. Some behavioural changes are more obvious than others. For instance I bike more than I walk, since the general distance to the shops increased. Other changes are less obvious and creep up on you over time. This one for example: I take the train more often to Utrecht, which is only half an hour. The unintended consequence is that I tend to stop by at the Bagels & Beans situated in Hoogh Catharijne to order a large cappucino. Since it is such a popular place for people to meet, ordering coffee to go and consume it while walking to the client or trains (depending on the time of day) is the most obvious solution. The one thing about that behaviour that started to annoy me was the single use cup that I had to throw away.

Until recently, I’ve never been much of a ‘to go’-user. Good coffee on train stations I used to pass was scarce or I wouldn’t have the time to stand in line to buy something anyway. As my train behaviour changed, my coffee ordering changed. Therefore I decided to dust of the travel mug I still had (from the days I took tea with me for the weekly car drive from Enschede to the place I grew up in to go fencing) and pledged to myself to take this with me when I travel. Just a small gesture to reduce waste one cup at a time.