I was a bit busy baking an apple pie today. My parents celebrate both of their birthdays by treating us kids and grandkids to a day out together. My home is meeting point one tomorrow morning and therefore I was desegnated baker to provide a celebratory pie that goes with coffee. I could have ordered something with one of the wonderful bakers in our neighbourhood, but I gave myself the challenge to bake something. I still have fond memories of the previous apple pie I made and therefore chose to replicate. Obviously I couldn’t use apples from my own tree (winter never came this year, but my apple tree hasn’t blossomed yet either), but the supermarket had plenty of good apple pie apples on stock. It only took an hour to peel and slice them.

As a bonus I created some cookies from the leftover dough.

Reminder to self: buy a proper baking tray.

And just when I was at the point to put the apple pie in the oven, our cat Lunel started a hunt for raw dough on the kitchen surface. It is one of her favourite treats. Sadly for her I cleaned everything before she showed up.

I’ll post a review tomorrow.