We had a typical morning in this new era. The Man is working, the Daughter and I played for a bit after breakfast, got dressed and went outside to get some fresh air and a bit of physical exercise. Outside we follow a standard route: through the parc, around the school (not Daughters’ future school, but her best friends’), sometimes on to the farm, and then homewards following the bike path that passes the big slide and crosses our street at the other end. Along the way we see where it is quiet enough to play. This morning the parc was a bit too busy, so we went on to the farm. The farm itself is closed to the public (obviously) but you can walk past the grazing of the sheep and goats. Four lambs were born, so it’s a feast to watch those tiny creatures for a bit. Then we went on to a tiny playground. Only two other girls (sisters) were playing there, so there was enough space for Daughter and me to play for a bit. We ended up digging holes to burry a giant ant and its baby. As this playground was close to the home of a friend of mine, I called her and invited her outside for a chat. We chatted for half an hour,sitting at good distance from eachother, and then made our way home, with a last stop at the big slide.

The way we look for spots to play on our route is mainly focused on finding spots where no-one else is. It feels wrong on so many levels. It felt good to chat with my friend, but doing so at a distance felt awkward. The most awkward thing about it is Daughter’s already totally adjusting to the new situation. She’s the first one to say we can’t play somewhere because there are other kids. When all this is over we will have to reteach all young kids how to play with others.