I’m having coffee and am joined by the Man and Daughter inside, and some tits and a tortle dove outside. Due to the warmer weather, the past two weeks have been courting season in our garden. Especially two wood pigeons have been displaying their new love for each other in our garden. They even appeared to be creating a nest in our garden. Let’s see if they proceed with this, now that the winter we never had sets in. A cold wind is blowing today and over the next few days temperatures will drop below zero during the night. An event we haven’t seen all winter.

The water birds are preparing for spring as well. Coots are courting and trying to claim this piece of water bordering our house all for themselves. The one pair of ducks paddling here as well don’t let them scare off, resulting in some distant rows every now and then paired with the usual spring and summer bird sounds I’ve gotten used to.

I haven’t seen the mouse for a long time. I suspect it fell prey to either a cat or a magpie (who frequent our garden to feast on the bird’s peanut butter).

While sipping my coffee more birds join me outside. Despite our clock adjustment during the night our coffee time is still in sync with the birds’. I find it comforting to watch the birds just doing what they always do. They must have noticed different behaviour from humans over the past few weeks. I wonder what their gossip about humans is. Or whether they couldn’t care less. All I know is that the birds visting my garden are thankful for the new food we ordered. It will keep them fed in a very convenient way during the cold week to come.