I’m helping a tiny organisation to become more savy on the online privacy and data security side. It is not that I’m an expert on online privacy nor data security , but I am very good at coaching people and have walked around in the online world long enough to know quite a lot about its evolution. This company represents an interesting split of generations. On the one hand the founders, all (nearly) in their fiftees. On the other hand, their employees, all in their twenties.

One thing I noticed in helping to install software and adjust settings on everyone’s computers is that the younger ones know less about their machine than I expected. I haven’t worked with Windows for over a decade, so I depend a little on their knowledge of its file structure. When I asked questions like: where is the folder that contains the data for this specific application, all I got was frowns. When digging a little deeper into the machine I discovered how Windows does its utmost best to hide stuff from the user. It may be that once you’ve worked with it, its file structure becomes more obvious, but even I, a savy computer user, coudn’t find what I was looking for. It’s as if Microsoft is very keen on keeping its users dumb. But then again, I’m messing with their revenue streams. I try to install things that restricts these employees’ Microsoft intake (and Google intake for that matter). The battle is on!