Ugh. I feel awful. My first night on a ship and instead of catching up on sleep I spent the night dangling above the toilet. We sailed through heavy storm for hours and it felt like we could capsize any minute. At about five this morning the rocking back and forth became bearable again. It coincided with my stomach being completely empty so I got two hours of sleep before waking up again. Breakfast was served. When I started explaining how bad my night was, the crew started laughing. It was only a mild storm. I guess I’m not cut out to ever work on a ship permanently.

Now that I’m awake (sort of) and fed, I can start to catch up on some of the latest literature published on Pangheya. Back home they have this expression calm before the storm. This moment is more like calm after the storm. The clouds are all gone now, so I’ll see if I can find a spot on the deck to make myself comfortable. And perhaps doze of for a bit.