Two nights in, twelve to go. Nothing much is happening. Slept in this morning. A rare treat after the hectic months before leaving home. I started reading Infinite Jest. If not now, then when. Although I must admit my mind kept wandering while reading. It feels very weird to be here without being allowed to explore and start to settle. The uni rented a small home for me, but I’m not allowed to self-quarantine there. Instead they keep track of my every movement. As soon as I leave the premises, they’ll arrest me. I understand why and two weeks isn’t too long, but being here all alone feels uncomfortable. So far the web connection fails most of the time. I can write offline and use the small bandwidth for uploading my text, but that’s about it. Calls don’t come through. I asked for assistance, but they don’t seem eager to fix the problem.

Perhaps it’s a mandatory deprivation of connectedness to prepare visitors for slow Pangheyan life. At least that’s what I’ve read on other researchers’ blogs. I devoured Life on Pangheya: small and slow on day one of its publication. Voider wrote such funny anecdotes about her interaction with people here that I was laughing out loud, disturbing the concentration of my colleagues. That story about her getting annoyed with all those people politely waiting for her in their cars when she wanted to cross the street, a hundred meters away.

For now I haven’t reached that stage of accepting slower life. I feel restless and useless. Twelve more days. I should be able to handle that.