A long time ago I fell a little bit in love with Simone Giertz. A young female version of Adam Savage (Mythbusters), with a silly kind of humour. I first got to know her when she built a wake up machine (a hand slapping her in the face (and causing her hair to get stuck). Over the years she built many shitty robots, as she calls them. Spring 2018 she got diagnosed with brain tumor (a non-cancerous slow-growing one) which returned at the beginning of 2019. I was really impressed how openly she communicated this on her channel. And you know what? Despite her fears of not being able to work due to radiation therapy, she is still going strong. She converted a Tesla 3 into Truckla (which attracts a lot of attention) and the latest build she shared on Youtube goes back to the roots of her channel: a rather shitty but shiny paper shredder featuring her brain. She inspires me.