Yesterday evening the Dutch prime minister announced the opening of primary schools and daycare after spring break. I predicted a prolonging of the status quo, including closure of schools. I was wrong.

In this case I’m glad I was wrong. It means Daughter will have a few weeks in daycare before she turns four (and our contract with the facility ends). Daughter doesn’t miss daycare too much. Just yesterday during dinner she said she doesn’t want to return (this conversation took place before knowing that this option would be reality). I, on the other hand, am looking forward to a few weeks of normality. There is work that needs to be done. I’m also glad Daughter will have the opportunity to properly say goodbye to her friends and caretakers in daycare. Perhaps this closure is more important to me than to Daughter, nevertheless closure is important even when you’re only four years old.

As for school afterwards, we’ll have to see what her school comes up with as a solution within the new boundaries set by the government. Schools don’t have to be strict on keeping distance between kids, but classes need to be cut in half. This probably means kids attend school half of the time. Daughter was scheduled to start in a new, four years only, class which woud start running from May 11th, the date schools will reopen. I’m very curious how the school will accomodate for these first timers. More will become clear in the coming week(s).

Looking forward to yet another new normal.