I never knew how much relief one could feel after buying hand soap. I’ll give you some context.

First you must know that our stock of our regular brand hand soap got depleted right in the middle of the Dutch ‘wash your hands more often’ phase of the corona outbreak. Then, you know, corona hoarding started and the Man, designated shopper in this household, discovered it wasn’t for sale in our supermarket any more so he had to improvise and took a brand that was still available. Two bottles came with lavender scent, two others were neutral. So far so good.

This week Daughter showed some skin rashes on her wrists. It coincided with starting to use the lavender scented soap. I concluded this soap might not be the best treatment for very young skin. My search for a better and more kids friendly soap began. Again our supermarket was out of stock of any brand that avoids perfumes and other non-essential ingredients that are prone to skin irritation. I started searching online, but all online stores were out of stock, except for one. I ordered the last two bottles on stock. Two hours later I received an e-mail from the store that they cancelled my order since it was no longer on stock. I started to feel worried. Soap is not a luxury item, neither is Daughter’s skin.

Today I took my chance in one of the drugstores in our local shopping center. Thankfully, the store had four bottles of the brand I was looking for on stock. I took two in my mandatory shopping basket, leaving two for other desperate clients. I also took a shot at the baby corner. Apparently not everyone thinks of baby brands as producers of hand soap. But they do and to my biggest surprise there were plenty of bottles on stock. I took two of those as well. I payed for all four bottles of soap and as I left the shop this mother felt relieved. Who would have known that buying four bottles of soap could have that effect.