I first got to know David Hockney while visiting the Louisiana museum near Copenhagen many years ago. His exhibition then was all about his digital art. The first iPad had just been released and Hockney immediately embraced this new medium for creating art. Many iPads were fixed to the wall, showing his digital paintings. The most fascinating part was the recording of him ‘painting’. It was the first time I witnessed an artist creating something from start to finish, putting layers on layers one line at the time. Too be honest, I wasn’t much impressed by his artwork. I thought it was all a bit gimmicky.

But when you learn about something or someone new, you start noticing that thing or that person more an more. Little by little I learned more about Hockney’s artwork and started appreciating his work more and more. When a big exposition opened last year in the Van Gogh museum, I jumped on the opportunity to see his big and bold paintings ‘in the flesh’. It was even better than I expected. Standing in front of his colorful forest, reaching from floor to ceiling, I felt like a fairy, excited to wander through the forest.

When you’re not able to visit a museum, a great alternative to learn more about and from Hockney is to watch Exhibition on Screen, featuring Hockney. The film was released by the Royal Academy of Arts recently and takes you back to two big expos from Hockney. Top it up with the eight minutes interview the Van Gogh museum shared last year and you know all there is to know about this great artist.