Whenever I make a ‘too much milk’-coffee, also known as a latte macchiato, I enjoy watching the formation of layers of coffee and milk mixed to various degrees and dito colours. I’m glad I’m able to make this at home, as a special treat whenever I need it. I do miss hanging out at a cafe though. Not so much for the coffee, but more for the social interaction that comes with it. With Daughter, with the Man, with a friend, or just with those serving the coffee. Even for an introvert like me, the current situation is a bit too far on the hermit side of the spectrum. Plus, sweets accompanying the coffee is allowed at a cafe, not at home. A rule I set a long time ago to prevent myself from growing in all sorts of unwanted directions. An easy rule to follow when you can get plenty of sugar shots elsewhere. Nevertheless, I stick to that rule. But it’s hard. A good thing I’m not designated shopper in my household.