Today is a remarkable day in my household. It’s Thursday and Daughter is not at home. Instead, she has the privilege to attend school today. A month later than originally planned, three months earlier than I expected. As all the COVID-19 measurements took a lot of improvisation by schools. Daughter’s class was originally planned to start on May 11th, the day all schools were allowed to reopen. Due to a shortage in staff (some teachers couldn’t return to regular face-to-face teaching for being more at risk) the teachers hired for Daughter’s class were needed elsewhere. School postponed the start of this new class, which is meant for kids turning four during Spring.

When I received the e-mail, I cursed. Really loudly. Daughter has only been looking forward to this day since she turned three. So you can imagine my disappointment to have to disappoint her. But she took the news as all other COVID-19 measurements: with a short moment of disappointment followed by a shrug. It is what it is. Our contract with daycare would end on May 31st, which meant we would soon be back to having Daughter at home 24/7. Consequence would be that I wouldn’t be able to work. I immediately asked for extension of daycare until September, the start of the new school year. I didn’t expect school to start for her until then. Luckily that was possible in the same group on the same days she’s used to. Extending the contract with daycare also solved the issue for six weeks of Summer holiday, which we originally planned to spend walking in Austria, perhaps visits to other places in Europe and hanging out with family. In reality this will be a long Summer spent within the borders of our own country. Having three days a week that Daughter’s been taken care of, gives the Man and me time to continue to work during Summer, to make up for all the working hours I lost earlier this year.

And then school sent me another email last Thursday. They found new teachers for Daughter’s class and would start the next week, on Tuesday. I was a bit in doubt whether to let Daughter start at all. She’s perfectly happy in daycare at the moment and will only be for a few weeks. The Man came up with the perfect plan. Daughter would attend daycare as usual and then, for the remainder of this school year, five weeks in total, she attends school on the days she is at home. Therefore this Thursday I’m not Chief Daughter, but at my desk, writing, uninterrupted. A big day. At least until 2PM.

All set for her first day in school.