After a week of cold weather and rain, I finally could enjoy sitting on the new garden sofa, which arrived right after the endless stretch of wonderful weather. It’s placed on the water terrace. From this position I could inspect how garden life unfolds.

We have a new inhabitant in our water way. A tiny coot. Its sibling, which I saw yesterday, is now no longer there.

I also noticed some love making snails.

Though as soon as I clicked one of them took of.

There is also a plant blooming in the shadow behind and underneath the rhododendron. I can’t remember having seen it bloom last year. Probably it couldn’t due to drought.

Most notable is the buzzing of (bumble)bees. We intentionally didn’t get rid of all the wild bellflowers popping up everywhere and bees are truly feasting on them.

And on the honeysuckle as well.