I got this notepad as a gift a long time ago. I put it on my desk and used it, mainly as a replacement for the sticky notes that I ran out of. Well, I didn’t really run out of sticky notes, but the ones on my desk ran out and as is the nature of me, instead of climbing the stairs to grab a new block from the workshop kit, I used the alternative that was available without extra effort. Even though I still prefer sticky notes, I’ve used this pad for the past year and a half to write stuff down. (I’m very persistent in not climbing the stairs.) Some of the stuff I wrote down would fall in the category ideas. None of the ideas I wrote down were brilliant. That’s because the branding of this note pad is totally wrong. Ideas are never brilliant. It’s a thing I have to keep reminding myself of every single working day. The brilliance is in the execution. As this note pad invokes this brilliant reminder, I’ll keep using it to write down my non-brilliant ideas until the very last page. Considering current speed, it will take another year or two the reach that final page. I sure hope to have reached brilliant execution of mediocre ideas by then.