I’m the kind of person who likes to throw away stuff. I hate it when my living room is full with bits and pieces that don’t belong anywhere. If I can’t store it and if it’s rather meaningless I get rid of the object.

Daughter tends to look in a completely different way at stuff than I do. Where I see junk, she sees beauty. An example was a tiny piece of ribbon that was stuck on one of the children’s books we got from our new neighbours (they’re obviously decluttering after moving house). I suggested her to throw it in the bin, but Daughter wanted to keep it. The look on her face when suggesting to throw it away left me no doubt not to throw it away.

This morning I had to tie the ribbon into her hair. To Daughter, a forgotten piece of very old gift wrapping ribbon, is an object to make herself prettier.

The downside of Daughter’s preference to keep stuff is that it’s yet another piece of clutter in my home.