In this short film famous Dutch author Tim Krabbé tells about his love for cycling. I met Krabbé once. He came to my school to talk about his books. The lecture was organized by the local library and I was one of four students who were allowed to ask questions. Based on his response to one of my questions I decided I didn’t like the man very much. Luckily, I already read his books to prepare for the meeting. Otherwise I would have disliked his books as well.

I flirted with racing myself as a teenager. I had a paper round and saved a lot of money. I invested it in two things. First a stereo set, which lasted until a year ago. The other investment was a very expensive second hand racing bike. My love for that bike quickly receded. It was a model that had a lock system on the pedals for special biking shoes. I often couldn’t unlock my shoe in time and fell as a consequence. In the end I traded it in for a more versatile bike without those stupid pedals, but my flirtation with long distance cycling never evolved into a loving relationship.