In Halberstadt, Germany, they take As Slow as Possible seriously. I refer to the piece of music written by John Cage called Organ2/ASLSP. The composer omitted to put a tempo on this piece of music, leaving it to the performer to decide how slow the piece will be played.

Some people decided to make a very unique performance of the piece in Halberstadt. That performance started on September fifth 2001 and is still going on. In fact, it will last until 2640. No, that six is not a typo. Talking about as slow as possible! The organ it is/will be performed on is basically being built along the way. A tone change occurs when pipes are added. Yesterday was one of those days. Two new pipes were added: gis and e’. It was live streamed on Youtube. The big sound change starts at about 3:30

A very fascinating project. No-one will know if the piece will be finished, apart from those robotic creatures that will inhabit the world by then. But I suspect they have no taste for art and despise the inefficiency of this project and will have killed the project around 2320 and will have forgotten about it by the time it’s 2640 in human earth years. In our lifetime we can still enjoy slow art, though. For instance, the next change in sound is scheduled for February fifth 2022. Marked it in my calendar.