When it comes to book design, Irma Boom is one of the best. I’m not in the book design business, so I hadn’t seen her work or heard her name before I saw a short video during the Adobe Max event. Her work is simply amazing. She studied in Enschede at the AKI, the art school in my former home town, but she decided she was not good enough to become an artist, creating something out of nothing. Then she got introduced in the world of books by Abe Kuipers and figured out she was a (graphic) designer instead.

The video I saw during Adobe Max is not available, but there are other videos available on Youtube. I recommend watching those of the Louisiana Channel (by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art). Boom: My Manifesto for a Book, Irma Boom Interview: Passion for Books and A tribute to Coco Chanel.

MoMa has bought some of her work. That does qualify her as an artist, don’t you think?