Some days I lose myself in this channel showing all sorts of tiny houses. I love the ingenuity of building in a way that not only floor space is being used, but wall space as well. I loved the tiny caravan my parents bought when I was a kid. The space underneath the seating served as storage space, all walls covered in clever tiny cupboards to store bits and pieces, the table turned into a bed at night. Everything you need to cook, wash, sit and sleep was there in a tiny (very tiny) box on wheels.

I’m not sure whether I could live in a tiny house full-time though. During warm months for sure, as you can extend your living area with outdoor space. But during autumn and winter months, I would quickly get fed up with not standing upright in my bedroom. That said, I do think all houses could have been way more cleverly designed on the inside to accommodate all the different uses one makes of a home. Even more so this year, when many people’s home have been extended into an office.