Another month passed. More people got sick. More people died. More people got vaccinated.

And in my own life nothing much changed. Except perhaps for today. This is the first day since mid-December that both the Man and I can work a full day. After school care reopened this week. To celebrate this new step Daughter fell ill. She had a fever on Monday and slept most of the day. Yesterday she was back on her feet, fit enough for yet another corona test (number four), and this morning (it’s Wednesday when writing this) she was declared free of covid-19 and fit enough to go to school. And after school care afterwards. For the first time in four months I feel a little less guilty about taking 1,5 hours off during the middle of the day.

Writing that, I realize that the past year I constantly felt the need to be very time efficient. There’s only so much work you can do half-time. When Daughter finally got back to school, the Man and I still had to negotiate who would take care of her between 2PM, the time school ends, and 7PM, bedtime. Every hour not taking care of Daughter therefore had to be spent productively. I guess that is taking its toll, especially considering I normally reload through month long Summer holidays. We didn’t spent a month abroad last year and this year travel abroad during Summer is still very uncertain. It makes me long for Swiss mountains, or Copenhagen shopping sprees more than ever.

I currently go through the daily motions of work, learn, play, eat, sleep, repeat. I can’t say I feel excited about much right now. Next week cafes and restaurants are allowed to reopen their outdoor seating areas, but only between noon and 6PM. The idea of grabbing a beer and being surrounded by other people is very attractive. The reality is that the number of people getting infected every day is still high. Especially in the age group under 30. Guess who is most likely to serve me a beer at the cafe. That thought killed my enthusiasm rather quickly.

So far I’ve been able to keep covid-19 at bay and I’m doing my best to keep it that way. I’m not scared of dying, I’m scared of getting long-covid. In September I want to move at full speed again, not rehabilitate to be able to walk up the stairs in my home. Therefore I’ll just keep going through the unexciting motions. I’ve managed to do it so far. I’ll manage some months more until I get vaccinated.

Speaking of vaccinations, my father (79) received his second shot on April 16th, my mother (76) received her first shot on April 7th. Today’s guesstimate is 4,7 million jabs given to people (on 17,5 million inhabitants). Indeed, we’re still slow, though speed of vaccination is finally ramping up in this country. I can’t wait to get mine.

A family member of mine got reinfected two weeks ago (after first catching it last fall). Luckily his body took care of the virus just like any other virus, but it’s a good reminder to never assume you can’t carry the virus.

For now I keep calm and study on.