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Sunday = cupcake day. At last!

A million years ago I visited Sweden and fell for adorable ‘bakformer’. Back in those days baking cupcakes wasn’t a thing in my country, so the standard cupcake paper was plain and white. The colours of these bakformar were therefore powered with festive potential. And then I barely baked cupcakes at home.

Somehow these bakformar survived the big move four years ago and ever since Daughter discovered them at the bottom of a drawer she asked me to bake cupcakes. As I said before, I barely bake cupcakes, but today I finally had some time to spend on mixing cake batter and discovering how to make butter cream. Daughter has been watching some TV episodes from a young woman that creates stuff, including cakes, and therefore she suggested to add raspberries to the cream. We didn’t have raspberries, but the Man did buy some strawberries yesterday, so we added that instead. I puréed two strawberries, which turned out to be too moist for mixing with the butter and sugar. After a bit of fiddling to reach the correct mix of strawberry moist, butter and sugar I succeeded. Months ago I already ordered some sprinkles from the supermarket, anticipating this moment. Therefore Daughter was able to add the finishing touch once the cupcakes were buttered by me.

Only for fans of really sweet cupcakes 😉




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I passed an exam

If my memory is correct the last exam I took was in 2004, when handing in my master thesis (on blogging and Habermas, when blogging was still new and shiny). That was an oral exam, for two of my professors. I really can’t remember the last paper-based exam I took before being allowed to hand in my master thesis. It probably was not a memorable subject or one of those mandatory statistical analysis exams. Since 2004, I never needed to sit an exam for anything. Not even for an assessment for hiring purposes, as I’ve been self-employed since finishing university.

Today I broke that examless streak.

The program at Techionista is thoroughly sponsored by Microsoft and therefore I’m learning all about Microsoft Azure. And to be able to learn that you don’t just read documentation, you increase your knowledge by practicing for an exam. Today I took my first exam, on the Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900 for insiders) and passed it with a proper score of 820 (700 needed to pass).

To avoid installing proctoring software on my computer I reserved a slot at the nearest test center. That happens to be in my home town and I learned later that it’s run by an institute that teaches IT skills to (young) people who are either on the autistic spectrum or highly gifted (many of whom can’t manage to fit into the standard school system and drop out without a degree). I noticed that the person who took me through the sign-in procedure made sure every rule in the procedure was followed in a kind manner, he properly guarded the silence in the hall next to the exam room, and as a bonus earplugs were available for all examinees. I’ll schedule my next two exams here as well.

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Vrouwen blijven onzichtbaar

Het is natuurlijk absoluut simpel om te registreren of een deelnemer aan een klinische studie fysiologisch man of vrouw is. Als je dan een nieuw ontwikkeld vaccin mag testen op pandemische schaal zijn de getallen ook best snel statistisch significant. Hoe logisch is het dan om ook even een kolom m/v op te nemen in je database van gerapporteerde bijwerkingen? Ik dacht dat medische onderzoekers allemaal wel een kopie van Invisible Women op hun nachtkastje hebben liggen. Wat een naïeve gedachte van mij zeg.

[…] de vaccinmakers hebben het element ‘sekse’ goeddeels genegeerd in het vaccinonderzoek en de behandelmethoden van Covid-19. Zo had geen van de gepubliceerde klinische proeven van vijf coronavaccins de opgetreden bijwerkingen uitgesplitst naar sekse.

Hoe vrouwen vergeten werden in het Covid-19-onderzoek (bron: Trouw)
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I’m in bed with a fever. To cheer me up Daughter drew this: me in a candy store. Cake, cupcake and chocolate. Yum!


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