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Sunday beach fun

Perfect weather for a visit to the beach yesterday. Overcast, about 23ºC and a pleasant breeze. We drove to Hornbæk (about 45 minutes, on the North shore of Sjælland) and spent an hour and a half playing on a very quiet beach, except for the whistles from a beach volleyball tournament.

Afterwards we drove to Helsingør to catch up with our dear friend H. It was a long time since we last met in the flesh, so we exchanged warm hugs and enjoyed lunch together in the harbor. I completely forgot to take pictures, as talking was way more important. Lots of life events happened when we last saw each other.

The perfect day ended with a bit of a scare when during dinner our neighbours called that our last remaining cat got hurt and wasn’t eating properly. They were making it sound like she was about to die. With a bit of calling back and forth a friend of ours took her to the vet today and her diagnosis is that Shiraz (the cat) has an infected wound on her paw that needs a bit of extra treatment in two days time. It’s fixable and the vet prescribed some pain killers for now. My parents, who will be driving past our home tomorrow after enjoying their holiday in Heemstede, will pick her up and take care of her the rest of our stay in Copenhagen. I’m glad we were able to arrange this and can stay in Denmark knowing that Shiraz will be in good hands.

Today we’re having a lazy day, hanging around the house, playing with Daughter’s new Playmobil the Man gifted her (he just couldn’t resist the offer on Playmobil’s website for a holiday package; I do feel a bit ambivalent about that since we’re in the land of Lego 😉 ).

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The real Copenhagen experience

Our AirBnB host very kindly arranged a Christiania bike for us to use. We therefore could give Daughter the proper Copenhagen experience;
– find the closest bike shop to use the outside air pump to fill tires with much needed air;
– stand in line to take the mandatory covid test within 24 hours after entering the country. It was a long and slow moving line so it took us at least an hour start to finish. It was a rapid antigen nasal swob, the kind you could also do at home, but this time I received a signed document that someone with access to said documents read the negative result;
– enjoy lunch in the café next to the test location;
– bike all the way to the little mermaid and take a picture of Daughter in front of the mermaid;
– visit the ford Kastellet;
– show her Amalienborg, the Queen’s residence;
– stop for a drink at an old café where a slightly tipsy man tried to converse in English with another guest, slightly louder than necessary;
– cycle past Nyhavn, the old harbour (and tourist trap);
– stop at a random beautiful playground on our way home.

It feels good to be back.



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I’m here

I’m in Copenhagen. I didn’t think it was possible, but we crossed two borders without issues. There were border controls into Denmark, and even though we weren’t picked out of the line, it was good we took the mandatory covid test. The Man drove us across two bridges to get us on the right island and now we’re settled into our rented home for the coming two weeks. I’m so happy we made it.


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A Dutch teenager went to space in a Phallus for a couple of minutes. It inspired Daughter to draw Earth, the moon (with holes), Saturn (with decorations like Jill does (Jill is a TV show presenter who draws stuff)) and a comet.


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Life events

  1. I passed my third (and last) exam for data engineering;
  2. I got my second dose of Moderna;
  3. Daughter finished her first year of school;
  4. We are driving to Denmark next Friday (if our covid-tests are negative).
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This is what clubbing did in NL

Now that the UK is opening night-clubs, I’ll show you what to expect over the next few weeks. My government ran an experiment for fifteen days. The experiment was: do whatever you like, but keep your distance and get tested for activities when social distancing is not possible. Oh, and when you get your Janssen-shot your Corona-pass is active immediately (also called ‘Dansen met Janssen’-pass). Oh, and a test is valid for forty hours. That will get you going all weekend! Delta-variant? Yeah, we heard about that, but it’ll will be dominant by September, not earlier.

This is what happened

Number of people who tested positive per 100.000 inhabitants between June 14 and July 19.
First white dot on the blue line beneath the graph: June 26, opening up. Second dot: July 10, closing night-clubs and curfew for all cafes at midnight.
Number of people who tested positive between June 14 and July 19 per age group

In other words: let the unvaccinated groups dance all night long and give some of them long-covid, and their parents (many under 25 still live with their parents), who are still 1 shot and/or two weeks away of being fully vaccinated, too.

And what about Delta? Yep. Taking us by storm.

Covid-19 variants measured between June 28 and July 4

But the Brits are better vaccinated than the Dutch, right? Well…not really.

Vaccination rollout in the UK, source: The Guardian July 19
Vaccination rollout NL, source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control July 19

And don’t forget, the Dutch are mainly vaccinated with mRNA vaccines, which are better at fighting off the Delta variant.

I can’t wait to see the UK graphs in a few weeks’ time.

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