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Walala and the dots (301)

If you’re in need of a splash of color during this grey season, take a look at this interview with Camille Walala. She reminds me of Hundertwasser, but using bold geometrical patterns to brighten up the world, instead of organic patterns. Even though I prefer Hundertwasser’s houses, I strongly wish more municipalities would have the guts to let Walala, or like minded artist, spruce up certain areas. One of her latest projects was to design the House of Dots for Lego. If only I could have brought Daughter to London…darn you covid-19!

P.S.: we now have a direct train connection between Amsterdam and London. I hope to be able to use it (safely) in 2021.

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Speculaas (298)

It’s almost November. That means I’m allowed to buy speculaas. If you’re talking about typical Dutch, this is it. Nowadays available all year round, but traditionally available in the run up to Sinterklaas on December fifth. I bought speculaasbrokken at Proof Bakery (also known as coffee bakery in this home). The idea is to break the large piece into smaller ones before serving. A perfect companion to coffee. Or lemonade.

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Healthy feels so much better

Last Monday I noticed I almost felt, like, normal. The cold that bothered me for over three weeks disappeared. I finally felt like doing stuff again. Like paint a bedroom pink. Or write. Read books. Make phone calls. Go to the shops to buy a new winter coat. Play with Daughter. Meet with friends in the park. Go for a long walk. Being without a cold feels so much better.

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Get to know Irma Boom (297)

When it comes to book design, Irma Boom is one of the best. I’m not in the book design business, so I hadn’t seen her work or heard her name before I saw a short video during the Adobe Max event. Her work is simply amazing. She studied in Enschede at the AKI, the art school in my former home town, but she decided she was not good enough to become an artist, creating something out of nothing. Then she got introduced in the world of books by Abe Kuipers and figured out she was a (graphic) designer instead.

The video I saw during Adobe Max is not available, but there are other videos available on Youtube. I recommend watching those of the Louisiana Channel (by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art). Boom: My Manifesto for a Book, Irma Boom Interview: Passion for Books and A tribute to Coco Chanel.

MoMa has bought some of her work. That does qualify her as an artist, don’t you think?

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