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Acting like a tourist in Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam to meet a friend who very recently moved back to The Netherlands after living in Dublin for some years. A very pleasant morning catching up. Afterwards I wanted to grab some lunch before taking the train home. Close to Central station I found a place to sit down and ordered a pancake. Like a tourist would.

(Apparently pancakes are a thing in Amsterdam. I passed so many restaurants advertising with pancakes within the one kilometer I walked!)


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Post academic blues

I had no idea how exhausted I was. September 10 I had my official graduation ceremony party and I wasn’t able to do a lot since. Without the need to study, take care of Daughter during the day, or client work, for the first time since…January (or even longer ago?) I had so many hours to fill during the day. It felt really uncomfortable. The first half of 2021 was mainly about being as efficient as I could be, every minute of the day. This month, without many obligations, I could feel the toll that period took on my body and mind. I felt tired so I often slept in the afternoons. I felt restless, unable to enjoy the quiet hours I longed for in previous months. Nevertheless, I clearly needed a few weeks of idle time. C’est la vie.

Then I started reading again. I started making appointments with people. The Man connected me to some people he knows that work in/on/with data. I had several pleasant conversations. Spent some time in the city centre on my own. Had lunch with a friend. I even wrote a new story for Daughter. Slowly my energy levels went up. And now I’m eager to do tackle some of the projects that I had to postpone. Like finding new professionals to interview for my podcast. Or editing that wedding video. Or landing a new client. I’m back and open for business.

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