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Old Lego set found (87)

Daughter found an old Lego set in the closet. Two actually. One was a tree house and the other a collection of bits and pieces with bricks in colours Daughter was instantly font of. The tree house was quickly reassembled. Most of it was still intact and the books with building instructions was stored in the same box as the bricks. The other set however lacked its building instructions and I couldn’t remember what it was supposed to look like. Therefore I made my own version so that Daughter was able to play with it. But the not knowing part kept bugging me so I went through all the historic sets listed on this website. As I had no idea what year it was from it took me a lot of scrolling, but I found it. It’s the Cloud Cuckoo Palace from the Lego Movie, year of release 2014. I still have no idea why I bought this set at the time, but in hindsight I must have known to grow a little creature in the near future that would love to play with this set.

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Boring (86)

Some days are more boring than others. As today is my regular stay at home day with Daughter, I do the regular things. That includes vacuuming, cleaning, doing laundry. Some irregular things like cleaning the kitchen cabinets and removing cat poo from cat number two’s tail are also in the mix. All in all just another boring Thursday.

When I searched for boring on the never ending web, I came across a tutorial that supposedly is the most boring video ever made. I didn’t watch past a few minutes, because I have less boring things to do right now. Such as delivering a letter for Daughter’s caretakers at daycare. But enjoy watching if you want to get bored.

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Connecting (85)

Last Saturday I scheduled online reading time with two of my new friends and their kids. We met several years ago during singing classes for toddlers. Our kids are about the same age and over time our friendship grew. Since Daughter has little to no interaction with kids her age, I suggested to read stories to our kids. Our first meeting was last Saturday using Facetime. It was lovely to hang out with each other for a while and see our kids enjoy listening to new stories. We repeated this today. Earlier this week I decided to get a subscription to Zoom so I could host the meeting. Watching each other on a computer screen beats small iPhone screens.

Now that I have a Zoom subscription I will host a family coffee meet up next Saturday. I’m wondering what else I could do. Long distance podcasting is an option, but am not sure what the topic should be. How do people work in isolation? Fictional stories? I’m curious what kind of stories you would love to hear.

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Rituals missed

In a few months time Daughter celebrates her fourth birthday. In the world we lived in a month ago, that meant she would have a few days in school before transitioning from daycare to school permanently. Our pseudo lock-down extension until June 1st means that as far as I can see, schools will not reopen before summer holidays. That means that Daughter will not return to daycare to experience the farewell ritual and she will not start school when she turns four. I mourn for these missed rituals.

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