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That moment…

…when I turn the ceiling lights in the living room on for the first time in many months. Darkness is (very) slowly rising earlier in the evening. Or daylight goes to bed earlier. Whichever version you prefer.

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Solving a jigsaw

I’m deep into editing a documentary (not meant for public viewing) and with the amount of interviews I’ve done (eight) it’s like solving a jigsaw puzzle, yet I have random pieces that I have to shape individually to make them fit together, all the while knowing I’ll never be able to replicate the image on the box.

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Intentional drawing

Daughter used to draw rather random lines forcefully put to paper. Until now. Yesterday she started to draw deliberately: circles, squares and lines around dots. Top drawing in the picture is a car with a lot of wheels. Just to clarify in case you didn’t recognise it.


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Shocking yet not surprising

When one of the biggest companies in the world has a communication strategy targeting a specific journalist, you know who’s on the right side of the truth.

But when I recently received close to 50 pages of internal Monsanto communications about the company’s plans to target me and my reputation, I was shocked.


I’m just one person, just one reporter working from a home office in the midwest, juggling three kids with irregular writing deadlines. So the knowledge that a multibillion-dollar corporation spent so much time and attention trying to figure out how to thwart me is terrifying.

I’m a journalist. Monsanto built a step-by-step strategy to destroy my reputation (by Carey Gillam for The Guardian)
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