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This episode by Reply All is well worth your time: #166 Country of Liars. It tries to unravel the secret of Q’s identity. As I’m seeing more and more thinned versions of Q’s ideas pop up in Dutch culture, I’m trying to understand this phenomenon a bit better. After listening to this episode, I’m even more appalled how these ideas find fertile soil in Europe as well.

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Influencing influencers

A very interesting thing happened in NL this week. Several people with a lot of followers, mostly in the younger adult age group, started posting stuff under a Dutch hashtag which roughly translates to ‘I’m out’. They expressed their discontent with government rules to keep covid-19 at bay. They seemed to want to say, I don’t believe it anymore. I’m done with keeping my distance. Sure, the number of infections are rising, but numbers in hospitals are still low. I’m young. Covid-19 is not life threatening for me. I’m done with all the rules.

The story goes that these people were first brought together in a chat group (using whatsapp) by someone who is the founder of a small but vocal group of anti-government rules. He gathered people in his chat group that have a serious amount of followers and started to convince them of his arguments against government covid-19 rules. These influencers clearly were influenced and in an orchestrated manner started influencing their followers by posting messages of doubt.

After publishing a storm of critique followed. From average Jane to the Minister, people warned them of their influence on their audience. Right at a time when the number of infectious people is rising rapidly and hospitalizations doubling every week, these messages of doubt are not helpful to prevent further restrictions in the (very) near future. Several of the influencers doubled down and retracted their message from whatever social platform they’re active on. Ironically, they started to downplay their role as influencers. I hope their clients heard this message. They’re worth less than advertisers think.

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Baby Grey (269)

I watched this short documentary on how two parents raise their child gender neutral. By the end of the film, their child celebrates their first birthday. I didn’t go as far as using a different pronoun for Daughter, but I avoided buying her gender stereotyped clothes and toys. I was able to maintain that until she was between two and three years old. It’s when she started noticing differences between boys and girls in daycare. She now prefers to wear dresses and pink is her favourite colour. It’s fine. It’s her choice. The Man and I keep stimulating her in all sorts of ways and sometimes we have to remind her there is no such thing as boys and girls play. Some boys play wild, but her best (girl)friend does so too. Some boys like to play with dolls, she does not. Peers and teachers are a strong force to deal with as parents. The parents in this documentary will discover that soon enough. And that is fine too.

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