New story kit (218)

A few weeks ago, a dear friend of mine reminded me to write more. Write more stories. As my mind was occupied with ‘how the heck do I survive this covid19 thing’ there was too little room for stories in my head. I tried. But there was just too little headspace. Until now.

Yesterday, I decided it’s time to get back into a story mode again. As my story moleskine is nearly full, I bought a new notebook. And to make it even more friction-less to start writing I bought an accompanying fountain pen that I can attach to the notebook.

May the stories flow.

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A new place to hang out (217)

A new restaurant opened in our neighbourhood. It’s within walking distance and is open daily from 10 AM. Of course I had to check it out. So today, to celebrate the end of the Man’s writing sprint for an EU project, we headed out for a coffee together. With perfect weather to hang out at the waterfront I can easily see this as a great place to visit more often. The coffee is decent enough. Next time we’ll try some of the food as well.




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Use it or lose it (216)

I’m under the impression my brain is functioning less due to a lack of social and physical activities. Not that I was that socially and physically active pre-covid19, but at least I got out the door more than I’ve done in the past few months. It’s as if the lack of moving in different (unknown) surroundings diminishes my capabilities for thinking clearly. Neuroscientists keep telling me that physical exercise is key for a well functioning brain, so I challenge myself to walk more in the coming weeks. And keep doing that until it becomes routine.

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