Stay at home coffee (295)

Daughter and I decided to get some sweets for coffee. Therefore we cycled to the shopping centre, bought our preferred cookies at what we call the coffee bakery and cycled home. Just as much fun as sitting down in a cafe.


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Autumn break plans (292)

Sometime earlier this year Daughter coloured the walls of her room together with a friend. The shades of grey were too boring to her taste. She had to live with the consequences for half a year. Back then we promised her she could choose her own colours after Summer. After Summer is here. Expect pink. Lots of pink.


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What are bonbons? (291)

In one of Daughter’s book, a grandfather treats a class on bonbons. Daughter wondered what that was. Indeed, we are not the bonbons buying kind. The Man took her to a local shop that sells them. After a tasting session she chose these to bring home. I have to confess. We finished all of them within 24 hours.


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Take the wine shuttle (290)

My European mind doesn’t associate the state of Texas with good wine. I mean, with Italy, France and Spain around the corner, Texan wine doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. If however you are interested in wine from that region, you can take the 290 Wine Shuttle.

Our large fleet of air-conditioned vans and buses will take you from the Inn on Barons Creek in Fredericksburg, TX to the best Hill Country wineries located along Hwy 290 East.

And they’re open!! So in case you don’t worry about COVID-19, have time on your hands and want to do something reckless, why not hop on and hop off along the route to taste some wine this Saturday?

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