Birthday cake

We celebrated the Man’s birthday today. Daughter felt it wasn’t enough of a party. Too little play. That’s how things go when you had more than fifty of them, can’t invite people over due to a pandemic and have your birthday on a day full of work. Promises were made to play more tomorrow. It’s yet another national holiday (Hemelvaart), so clients are not at work anyway.

I will not play tomorrow. I will study hard for my Power BI exam next week. Luckily I restocked my sugar levels today. Plenty of energy to keep the brain motor running 😉


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A proper Mother’s Day

– artwork by Daughter
– another piece of art by Daughter
– wrapped in gift paper designed by Daughter
– pain au chocolat for breakfast
– 24°C just for one day
– installing hammock in garden seconds before rain (and knowing it will only provide pleasure for today)
– enjoying an hour in the hammock
– sowing the gifted seeds in the garden just before more rain

And other regular Sunday stuff like clearing Daughter’s play area, listening to a fun episode of Science Vs and eating lunch and dinner.



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Shoe shopping

As shops are now open without making an appointment first, it’s spring holiday and Daughter is free of having a cold, I took her downtown to buy her new shoes. A chore we could postpone thanks to her walking boots, which still fit perfectly on both her feet and the coldest spring since half a century.
The last time we were in the city centre together was when we delivered our Christmas cards by bike. It felt weird to go shopping. Good weird.

We were welcomed by a concert played on the carillon of the Onze Lieve Vrouwentoren which inspired her to dance on the spot. A clear sign of how she missed these kind of trips and her dance classes.

At the kids shoe shop only two customers were allowed at the same time. Two families were already inside, so we had to wait outside for a little while. Luckily the Sun was shining and the wait was shorter than expected. Once allowed in we discovered there was limited choice in Daughter’s new size, but Daughter liked one pair, tried them on and didn’t take them of.

Stepping out the door Daughter said what I was already thinking: on to Bagels and Beans. We were too early for outdoor seating so we took our treats (one bagel with natural cream cheese and a large cappuccino) to go.

A morning well spent.



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Sunday = cupcake day. At last!

A million years ago I visited Sweden and fell for adorable ‘bakformer’. Back in those days baking cupcakes wasn’t a thing in my country, so the standard cupcake paper was plain and white. The colours of these bakformar were therefore powered with festive potential. And then I barely baked cupcakes at home.

Somehow these bakformar survived the big move four years ago and ever since Daughter discovered them at the bottom of a drawer she asked me to bake cupcakes. As I said before, I barely bake cupcakes, but today I finally had some time to spend on mixing cake batter and discovering how to make butter cream. Daughter has been watching some TV episodes from a young woman that creates stuff, including cakes, and therefore she suggested to add raspberries to the cream. We didn’t have raspberries, but the Man did buy some strawberries yesterday, so we added that instead. I puréed two strawberries, which turned out to be too moist for mixing with the butter and sugar. After a bit of fiddling to reach the correct mix of strawberry moist, butter and sugar I succeeded. Months ago I already ordered some sprinkles from the supermarket, anticipating this moment. Therefore Daughter was able to add the finishing touch once the cupcakes were buttered by me.

Only for fans of really sweet cupcakes 😉




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