What one makes from a lot of apples

Surpisingly enough, I never baked an apple pie in my life. At least not while in the lead. So today, being confronted with fourty apples Man and Daughter collected earlier this week, I duckduckgoed for a recipe and constructed an apple pie, put it in the oven and removed this result after an hour.


I hope it tastes as home made as it looks.

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That moment…

…when I turn the ceiling lights in the living room on for the first time in many months. Darkness is (very) slowly rising earlier in the evening. Or daylight goes to bed earlier. Whichever version you prefer.

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Solving a jigsaw

I’m deep into editing a documentary (not meant for public viewing) and with the amount of interviews I’ve done (eight) it’s like solving a jigsaw puzzle, yet I have random pieces that I have to shape individually to make them fit together, all the while knowing I’ll never be able to replicate the image on the box.

By |2019-08-13T21:22:20+02:0013 augustus 2019|deze dag, flow|0 Comments
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