A tram is not a bus you darn US centered machine!

I have to prove I’m not a robot almost every time I’m logging in to the admin of my blog. Something to do with my hosting provider becoming a target for hackers too often and my personal cookie deleting habits. Today I was asked to identify a bus. Except there was no bus. There was a tram, though. And as a European, living in The Netherlands, you spot the difference between a bus and a tram without breaking a sweat. The rails in front of the tram were even visible in the image. I reloaded the image. It felt like a little victory. Human trumps machine. For now.

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Catching up

I caught up with (Bicycle) Mark today. We hadn’t talked to each other for a long time so we discussed life, podcasting and anything in between. It was intense and I now have the guts to pursue an idea that has been floating around for a while. More on that later. It’s still too tender to share.

I can share some of the pictures I took around Hoog Catharijne. It’s a new mall that replaced a mouse infested old one that people used to rush through going to and from Central Station. Now that it’s finished, it’s finally a place where people like to spend some time. Especially on a rainy day like today.

Entrance CS side
A lady started sketching
Lewis Book Café, where I met Mark (I recommend sitting in the basement)
A lady sang Adele’s Turning Tables. She was very good.
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Visiting Indie Webcamp

Daughter and I visited Indie Webcamp in Amsterdam this Saturday. The Man is a co-organizer and I was curious about the discussions and the people attending. It was only a couple of hours, but I’m glad I went. Daughter loved being able to play with the enormous amount of Lego available in Codam (and all the ‘filmpjes’ she was allowed to watch and all the ‘stroopwafels’ she was allowed to eat and jumping in the pools on our way back to the train).


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