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Daughter’s teachers had two ‘studiedagen’, days during which the teachers work, but not teach. Don’t ask me what they do during those days. School’s all still a mystery to me. Two school free days gave us the opportunity to plan a long weekend just the three of us. This summer we had plenty of fun trips, but it involved other family members. Lots of interaction, little quiet time. Therefore I loved they idea of spending a few days with just us three. A friend of ours owns a holiday home just outside Maastricht, on the Belgian side of the border and we rented that for three nights. As the weather was terrific (around 24ÂșC in the afternoon) we went hiking.

Last week I bought Daughter proper hiking shoes and she walked almost all of it by herself (except for a tiny speck when her parents kept pushing her to keep on walking, but she burst into tears. In hindsight she had a fever, as she came down with a cold). On our Valkenburg hike my watch clocked about 10KM. I applaud Daughter’s stamina.

The south of Limburg is a fantastic area for hiking. Hills, specks of forest mixed with fields, castles and old well kept farms. It is completely the opposite of the area I live in (or grew up in). If work would allow it, this is an area I’d gladly move to.

Recentoren Maastricht
Near Heerlen
Near Heerlen
River De Geul
Up the stairs
Schaloen Castle
Hollow way near Valkenburg
Schin op Geul
Ice cream as a reward
Climbing the stairs of Valkenburg Castle ruins
Ode to music in Thorn
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Catch it while you can (267)

We were gifted a lovely week of summer like weather, but this afternoon the clouds are coming in, bringing rain and colder temperatures. Our elderly cat (18 and in her ninth life) caught the last sunbeams of the day yesterday. Smart cat.

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