Another step back to normal (186)

For the first time in a long time we headed into the city center to have extended Italian style lunch at one of our favourite restaurants. As it is a tiny one we reserved a table. A good thing since the already tiny place only has four tables available within current restrictions. See through screens divided the four seating areas. For me it was a very good experience. Fewer people make less noise. However, the restaurant owner had to disappoint several potential clients. All I can say I’m glad I’m not working in the restaurant business as they are all struggling to keep their head above the water. All I can do is keeping them in business one meal at a time.


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New neighbours (179)

When we just moved in in our current home, we were welcomed by our new neighbours with flowers, thoughtfully delivered in a vase. Indeed a vase for flowers is not the first thing to unpack.

Yesterday our new neighbours moved in their home and we payed this lovely gesture forward. Daughter picked a bouquet in the flower shop, I asked the salesperson for an accompanying vase and the three of us delivered the bouquet to welcome the neighbours in our street. And of course Daughter was allowed to pick a flower for herself.


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