Walking to Gulpen

Man and Daughter on the foot path towards the village Gulpen. Cows on one side, trees on the other. I love Zuid-Limburg’s landscape.
Daughter proudly wearing her ‘kleedsjesmarkt’ accessories, bought the day before on Koningsdag.
Cows lying down, chewing. Trying really hard to ignore passing humans.
Neubourg castle.
Neubourg castle
Man and Daughter admiring ugly fungi.
In Gulpen, a sign next to a pond that reads: Dangerous ice. Forbidden to tread. Multiple of these signs were still on display, even though the ice is long gone.
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Koningsdag @ Maastricht

A man and his Dutch flag hat, little bells attached as well.
A grey haired woman wearing orange flowers in her hair.
A woman and her orange hat, decorated with red, white and blue flowers.
A girl wearing her wind band uniform, flute in her lap, cap between her knees. She’s calling someone.
Man and Daughter walking the same route the King and his family walked a few hours earlier.
A woman sits in the window. Four hand written paper sheets taped to the outside wall that read: no beard no king.
Four men rolling a massive statue to unknown destiny.
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Crossing borders

Right foot in Belgium, left foot in Germany, spanning The Netherlands.

Daughter crossing borders @ Vaals’ drielandenpunt.

We also tried our luck at the maze. We failed to reach the center. We were not the only ones to fail.

Daughter and Man, trying to find the center of the maze.
A sign in the maze that reads: ‘you were here before’
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