City tour

Today I met up with Mark, a friend from the early days of blogging and podcasting (his thing). We talked about storytelling, podcasting (more on that later) and life as a freelancer. We enjoyed coffee, tea and more at bagels and beans while a rain storm passed, but afterwards the clouds disappeared and I was able to give Mark a short tour of Amersfoort. It was nice to be able to show it to someone who hadn’t seen this town before and pretend like I knew all about it. I guess I can be considered a local now. That notion got confirmed when two ladies at the train station asked me for directions and I pointed them the right way without looking at signs or a digital map.


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More walking

Daughter requested another walk yesterday. As we needed to go to the library anyway, it made sense to use that as an excuse to walk to the shopping centre.

Showers were closing in on us, but we went anyway. Off to the library (exchanged three for five books). After a visit to the library it was almost lunch time. There was no other option than to stop at the bakery for a pain au chocolat (and coffee). Afterwards I remembered Daughter needed new gloves. She found a pair she liked (pink of course) at Hema.

When we were finished shopping rain was pouring down so we caught a bus back. It saved us a long march through the rain. Despite the bus ride, we walked about three kilometers. I didn’t carry her once. Progress!


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Fighting a war together

For more than three weeks I (that is: the body part of me) have been fighting off an infection. It was not bad enough to pay a visit to the doctor, though it was severely impacting my physical stamina. At one point I was close to making an appointment with the GP. Then I heard other parents complaining about this prolonged cough. Then Daughter had to play in a different group at daycare due to staff shortage as a result of illnesses. It wasn’t just me fighting this battle. We, the people of Vathorst, were in this together. That made me instantly feel better. And now, a few days later my cough is almost gone, I don’t need to free my nose with unhealthy spray during the night any more. and I actually feel like I could take a long walk this afternoon. The battle is almost over.

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Moment van de dag

Op de parallelbaan van de A2 bij Den Bosch in de file. Aan de linker kant van de weg een stukje berm waar een auto stilstaat. Er staat een man naast. Dichterbij gekomen is te zien dat ‘ie staat te pissen. We rijden langs de auto. Het blijkt een bedrijfsauto. Het bedrijf? Aquacell.
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