Daughter’s drawing theme was brides this weekend, because our neighbours got married. I was taken by surprise at the level of detail in the wedding dresses she drew.


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End of Summer gift

Today turned out to be a perfect end of Summer day. Cycled downtown without the need for a coat. Had lunch with a friend. Cycled home. Sat down for five minutes. Cycled to the local flower shop to get some flowers for our neighbours who got married today. Concluded that I couldn’t bike back holding the flowers including vase. Called the Man to pick up the flowers by car. Handed over the vase. Had an ice cream while watching kids play with the water pump next to the library. Cycled home. Sat down with tea, crisps and a book while the Man is drilling wholes in the wall for a Picasso (print).


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Happiness is

When your newly wed uncles pay you a visit in their wedding suits, because you fell ill just before their wedding and therefore missed the party. You eat cake and dinner together and end the day with a with a disco party. Daughter was very happy.

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Unexpected garden occupant

I didn’t spend a lot of time outside this (mostly wet) Summer, so gardening wasn’t high on my priority list. At our garden stairs, many plants took advantage of the absence of hunans. Many animals then took advantage of the abundance of young leaves growing everywhere. Snails, woodlice and baby toads mainly. But also this tiny creature. Total length under 10 cm. I had no idea we were hosts to this lovely thing.

P.S.: although I cleared a lot, there is still plenty of space left for tiny inhabitants of our garden to take refuge. Still a messy garden, but one that we now can walk through as well without crushing plants and animals underneath our feet. A lovely warm week ahead.


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