Intentional drawing

Daughter used to draw rather random lines forcefully put to paper. Until now. Yesterday she started to draw deliberately: circles, squares and lines around dots. Top drawing in the picture is a car with a lot of wheels. Just to clarify in case you didn’t recognise it.


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Unexpected packaging

Today three new mugs got delivered to my home. I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging. Each mug was wrapped in two sheets of paper. A thin white sheet commonly used in shops to wrap valuables in, and a brown cut sheet which was meant to absorb shocks. I’d never seen this before. What a clever design.



All three mugs were in perfect condition. Now it’s my and my family’s task not to break them, as we did with the three that needed replacement.

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First theater visit

Last week I arranged tickets for Daughter’s very first visit to a theatre. Today was the day. The three of us went to see ‘Kikker zingt en leest voor’ at the open air theatre in our town. Kikker (Frog) is one of her favourite characters in the books written by Max Velthuis. His stories have become classics in The Netherlands, so all kids knew the stories read on stage.

It was a real joy to watch Daughter participate when asked to and get lost in the performance. And despite some hesitation she dared to high five Kikker afterwards.

On our way home (by bike) Daughter was already asking a lot of questions. For starters where the other characters from Kikker’s stories were? And where Kikker lived? And if he went home? Etcetera.



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