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The better version of All night long (43)

A Dutch musician called Thijs Boontjes made a cover version of the Lionel Richie song All night long, in Dutch. It is not a mere translation, it is a Dutch variation of the song. In my opinion Boontjes’ lyrics trump the original. He included the Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt, Bol and Vermeer in the song. Hello!

Listen to it on Youtube or Spotify.

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Do, don’t tell.

Whenever I scroll through LinkedIn, the only online social silo I visit on a frequent basis, I’m overwhelmed with emptiness. The things people do for a living seem without value. We, humans, seem to keep each other busy with doing useless things. Just as we’re addicted to empty calories in our food, we are addicted to produce empty calories for work.

But then I realise that those who do create value are busy doing that. They don’t have time to post vanity pictures. They simply do, don’t tell. They don’t hang around on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a space for those who have time to tell. I don’t want to be one of those. I want to be one of those that do.

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Riders in the storm (41)

So here’s another story about the Dutch and cycling. When there is a storm coming, you plan the national championship ‘tegenwindfietsen’, riding headwind. Because what is not to like about a championship which measures who has the strongest legs to go against a storm with gusts between 100 and 120 km/h on the standard Gazelle bike.

Funniest thing: storm Ciara became too strong mid-championship, so the Oosterscheldekering (part of the Delta works that keeps our feet dry) on which the event took place had to be closed. Nevertheless two winners were announced.

Even The New York Times was impressed.

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Flowers for art (39)

When I saw photos from Margriet Smulders yesterday, I immediately had to think of Peter’s work on repurposing the flowers he received. There is so much more you can do with flowers than stick them in a vase.

photograph by Margriet Smulders

The gallery owner present at Haute Photography told me that the process for creating such a floral wildlife is very complicated. Therefore she is only able to make six to eight new compositions per year. I can imagine it is more complicated than just throwing flowers in water. The picture I took is not representative of the photo’s vivid colour and delicate chaos, but it’s all I can afford.

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