Home concerts rock (137)

Daughter watched her second online concert this morning. The first was a ‘pots and pans’ concerts, inviting kids to join with their own kitchen tools. Daughter hit the pans enthusiastically.

This morning the theme was farm animals. A little bit less interactive, but still fun to watch and we could sing along with the songs we knew.

Yesterday we were discussing in an online meeting what we wanted to keep from corona-era. These type of low-threshold concerts would be on my (short) list to keep. For five euros I buy myself access to a streaming link. I can decide to buy a ticket literally last-minute. There is no such thing as sold-out. I don’t have to take into account travel time. Daughter can watch in her undies. She can talk, scream and jump during the performance as much as she likes. No, it’s not the same as visiting a theater, but adding online performances to the mix would expand opportunities for artists (and for viewers who can’t visit the theater for whatever reason you can think of).

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Not realistic (136)

As Daughter went to daycare this week, three days in a row, I kind of expected to be able to catch up with a two month backlog of client work, new ideas to turn into business opportunities and blog posts to write. I should have known better. Especially in a week that included celebratory events (and preparations) for a fiftieth birthday party and remembrance of the fireworks disaster twenty years ago, an event that changed my life in many subtle ways. Catching up was not a realistic expectation. But surely next week ;D

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It’s oh so quiet, shhh…

I haven’t heard this in a while. The sound of our home when its inhabitants are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Daughter off to daycare, the Man silently in his office, one of the cats walking across the hall to find a quiet spot to get some sleep and me typing in my office on Monday morning. I thought this day wouldn’t come until September. It’s only May.

The Man takes Daughter to daycare for the first time after two months.
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Garden update (130)

The roses are blooming. Frogs show themselves. Ten kilograms of birdseeds vanished since intelligent lockdown (two months now!), mainly due to a family of house sparrows. One of our cats captured a mouse in the garden; an event we hadn’t experienced since leaving Enschede. Temperatures have been summer like and it’s hard to imagine it will drop ten degrees on Monday. Enjoying it while it lasts.



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Shoe shopping (129)

I have been postponing it for two months, but now that another sunny summery week is here, I couldn’t postpone it any longer. Daughter needed new sandals. So far she used the new pair of (cheap) slippers I bought her, but for running and playing outside sandals are much better suited.

We’ve bought all Daughter’ shoes in a shop specialized in kids’ shoes. This shop never closed its doors, but I felt reluctant to head into town to go shopping. Now that everyone is more or less used to the situation and things like social distancing and cleaning hands before entering a shop have become routine, the time had come to take Daughter to the shoe shop.

We were warmly welcomed while Daughter and I cleaned our hands with the wet wipes (much kinder on kids’s skin) put on a table near the entrance. We were the only clients when entering. The saleslady took the approach to make Daughter the client, rather than me. It was lovely to watch how Daughter started to interact with the lady and explained what she wanted. Beforehand I assumed I would be the one to change shoes for fitting, but the shop had two big screens on wheels. Daughter could stick her feet underneath from one side while the lady measured her feet from the other. This way interaction was still possible.

Daughter really liked the sandals the lady suggested to her. Pink and unicorns. What’s not to like. She walked out the door on them and has been running around on them ever since. And I was a happy mother for the pleasant shopping experience.

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When time flies by (128)

It’s one of those days when time flies by while I was busy going here and doing that with Daughter. A visit to the bakery, hanging out in the garden in the hammock losing ourselves in a picture book, having lunch, deciding what gifts to order for Daughter (while she was immersed in iPad stuff), playing in “the forest” with her best friend, realizing it’s end of the afternoon and time to head home for dinner. Not bad for a day after a meager four hours of sleep.

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