Read: Six literacies to save the world

Earlier this week this article written by Lazar Dzamic crossed my path. A very interesting read. What grabbed my attention was that Dzamic puts archetypal/narrative literacy on number one.

It’s one of the most widely studied arts and crafts in the world, but in the utterly utilitarian way: how to tell strong stories to become famous, make money, or be very good at selling stuff. But we don’t learn how to defend ourselves from strong stories like populism, conspiracies and various sorts of propaganda, whether political or commercial. This literacy is the antidote for almost any of the manipulations unleashed upon us by the digital space, in all its guises. This whole dark theatre of problems has but one common approach: the use of strong emotional, archetypal, narratives.

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Op de leeslijst: De lekkende bèta/technische pijpleiding en hoe deze te repareren

Vrouwen nemen nog steeds veel minder vaak dan mannen deel aan bèta/technische beroepsopleidingen in mbo en hoger onderwijs, terwijl werkgevers toch staan te springen om bèta/technisch opgeleid personeel (ROA, 2015) en de overheid zich al jaren inspant om samen met het onderwijs en bedrijfsleven de belangstelling voor bèta/techniek te verhogen (Techniekpact, 2013).

Uit de inleiding van De lekkende bèta/technische pijpleiding en hoe deze te repareren (2019)

Een rapport naar aanleiding van een onderzoek uitgevoerd door KBA Nijmegen en Universiteit Twente. Staat bij deze op de leeslijst voor deze week.

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Shocking yet not surprising

When one of the biggest companies in the world has a communication strategy targeting a specific journalist, you know who’s on the right side of the truth.

But when I recently received close to 50 pages of internal Monsanto communications about the company’s plans to target me and my reputation, I was shocked.


I’m just one person, just one reporter working from a home office in the midwest, juggling three kids with irregular writing deadlines. So the knowledge that a multibillion-dollar corporation spent so much time and attention trying to figure out how to thwart me is terrifying.

I’m a journalist. Monsanto built a step-by-step strategy to destroy my reputation (by Carey Gillam for The Guardian)
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