New skills that come with having a daughter (146)

As a kid I never grew long hair. I preferred short hair, just like my brothers. Therefore I never learned to braid my hair. Daughter is very much unlike me. She likes her hair long. Like her mother has (I grew longer hair as a student. Much cheeper as it requires less visits to the hairdresser). Daughter got spoiled by one of her caretakers, because whenever she requested an ‘Elsa-braid’ she got one. In the past three months I pushed myself to learn it too. She would soon start in school and school teachers don’t have time for braiding. And then two months of daycare closure followed. Slowly but surely I got the hang of braiding. This morning I could even finish one before heading to daycare. Mommy power skill unlocked.


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Watching a movie together (145)

When Daughter became a toddler, walking about, making sense of the world, asking questions with her excellent use of language, I projected her and me in a few years’ time sitting on the couch watching movies together on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Today that projected future is here.

It was a Sunday morning. The rain started falling halfway through the film and indeed we cuddled on the couch, covering ourselves with the MacAuslands blanket the Man and I bought in 2008. Not in a million years did I envision this future when we brought home this blanket from Prince Edward Island.

We watched Frozen (1) together. It was a test, as she finds a lot of stories too scary to watch. But as she has been watching the songs on Youtube a lot, we read a book with the storyline a lot, she was well enough prepared for the scary bits. Daughter watched the whole movie beginning to end. Some bits she hid herself behind the blanket and some bits that I expected to be too scary she leaned forward to the screen.

A wonderful way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

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