When social media become mandatory (192)

I just finished listening to an episode of Recode Decode in which the authors of the book called The Hive, the couple Lyga and Baden, were a guest. They talked about their Young Adult book in which they explore the idea what the consequences would be for people when acting on social media is mandatory and your behaviour on it has real, think financial or physical, consequences. The book, published in 2019, sounds like something I should read. Its theme fits perfectly within the research I’m doing on Facebook right now. On the to order list. The podcast episode was wonderful to listen to as well, as it was an interesting discussion on whether and how we can fix it for the next generation. A direct link to the episode is not available, so you’ll have to search for it in your podcast app. It’s called Barry Lyga and Morgan Baden: What if everyone had to use social media?

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One of those days (190)

Soaking wet within eight minutes, the time it takes to cycle to school. Eight years of possible days like this ahead. Oh, dear. Time to start logging them so I can see for myself the vast majority of days are not like this 😉


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Summer time (189)

It’s 7:30 PM. Daughter is in bed and we finished her bedtime routine (brushing teeth, reading stories, telling a story about when I was a kid, singing my special bedtime song). I was just about to close her bedroom door when she asked me

“Mom, is it Summer now?”

Yes, I replied. Spring is over, Summer is here.

“Then why is it so cold?”

Indeed, for a few weeks it has been raining and sometimes storming. We had Summer in Spring and now we seem to have Autumn in Summer. No wonder Daughter is confused.

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Morricone (188)

An icon died today and therefore I’m listening to his music while writing this. Though I never listen to Morricone’s music on purpose, his music has always been part of my life. My parents must have introduced me to the music from Once Upon a Time in the West and ever since then, in my mind, the harmonica is forever associated with Morricone. A little later in life as a young teenager I watched Once Upon a Time in America. I loved the film instantly. It was so much more than any of the films I had seen before. Morricone’s music is an integral part of this film and especially Deborah’s theme evokes nostalgic sentiment when I listen to it. The combination of Leone and Morricone, inimitable. Parts of Morricone’s scores were on my music stand when I played in various orchestras. And I never realised until today that one of the pieces I practiced as a teenager were written by him as well. I would have loved to record myself playing it, but my oboe is unplayable due to long disuse. Therefore you’ll just have to do with a link to Gabriel’s oboe on Spotify. Long live his music.

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