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Dutch rituals: Daughter was allowed to put her shoe by the door and sing a song or two for Sinterklaas last night. This morning she found a small gift on top of her shoe, delivered during the night (a replacement for her unicorn hairband that broke during a silly accident and brought Daughter to serious tears. Sinterklaas must have heard her cry). But not only that, her dad’s shoes were filled with a chocolate bar, with Daughter’s letter on it! Why? Our guess was that Daughter’s shoe was too small.


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B&B coffee! (329)

Monday afternoon Daughter has dance class downtown. It’s in a huge building which houses the library, an archive and the art school. There are three cafes inside that building. Plenty space to wait for dance class to be over, in normal times. All of these cafes are closed at the moment. Therefore I was forced to spend time outside. Luckily, yesterday the sky was blue and I took the opportunity to walk a bit downtown. Halfway I picked up my favourite coffee and circled back to art school to pick Daughter up. And boy, I do miss Daughter mother moments inside B&B. Patience, my dear. Patience.


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