Another step back to normal (186)

For the first time in a long time we headed into the city center to have extended Italian style lunch at one of our favourite restaurants. As it is a tiny one we reserved a table. A good thing since the already tiny place only has four tables available within current restrictions. See through screens divided the four seating areas. For me it was a very good experience. Fewer people make less noise. However, the restaurant owner had to disappoint several potential clients. All I can say I’m glad I’m not working in the restaurant business as they are all struggling to keep their head above the water. All I can do is keeping them in business one meal at a time.


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A song to put on repeat (184)

In response to the racism debate in the US, there have been a lot of discussions in Dutch media. Racism is here as well, though perhaps less obvious to white citizens than in the US. That makes it even harder to take action against it. Protesters in NL have been on the streets to show that black lives matter. I agree. I’m not the protesting kind. Rather, I’d like to share a song with you today of H.E.R. which says a lot of the things that need to be repeated: I can’t breathe.

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Music & Clowns (183)

I watched this short video today. It’s a conversation of a man with his parents about his brother who has Down’s. I love the way the creator chose to animate the audio recording and then mix it with other material. The things being said are wonderful too.

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I’m consumed by papers (181)

I’m a researcher at heart, so when I want to research something I want to do it properly. So in my quest to write about the social mechanisms at work around Facebook, I’m hoarding academic papers. Perhaps a little too much for what I need. I currently feel like I’m consumed by papers, instead of consuming them. The feeling reminds me a little of this short animation called The Final Knit.

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