Read: Assembly

You have stories that need many words and you have stories that can be compact. Usually it takes good writers to make a compact story. Assembly (2021) is such a story. A remarkable debut novel by the hand of Natasha Brown. One hundred pages, that’s the size of her novel. Within those pages she packs all themes that currently matter when it comes to being black and being female, trying to fit in.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading every sentence of this book. It is so well written that I needed to slow down my usual reading pace to take it all in. In fact, I even read the last twenty pages out loud to myself, just to make sure I wouldn’t skip a word. Brown writes like a poet, and then to think she studied Maths at Cambridge University.

Buy this book. Read this book. Reread this book. Gift the book.

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Read: The Psychology of Time Travel

I picked up The Psychology of Time Travel (2018), in Copenhagen’s Fantask. It was written by Kate Mascarenhas and it’s her first novel.

The book features female characters mostly. Four of them invented time travel, one of them is a grand-child of the inventors who mentally broke down after time travelling too long. The story jumps back and forth between years and is basically a murder mystery.

I found the plot original, witty at times. Don’t expect a realistic scenario when it comes to time travel, as characters meet each other older/younger selves which doesn’t interfere with actual course of events. The end was a bit confusing, as if the author felt a bit rushed to make an end to the story. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading it. If only to immerse oneself in a book where female characters are portrayed as scientists and inventors. Some kind, others not so kind. Just like in real life.

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Shakespeare and Company

When shops closed globally, the Man ordered books online at shops he deemed important to support. Shakespeare and Company was one of them. The Man was not the only one with this idea. The bookstore was overwhelmed with online orders from all corners of the world. Now that we’re in Paris, we simply had to visit the store in person. It was rather busy inside, a good sign that this quirky bookshop will survive.




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I finished a book

Something extraordinary happened earlier this week. I finished a book. I can’t really remember when I started reading it. Must have been several months ago. Since the whole becoming a certified data nerd project began, I simply lacked energy at the end of the day to concentrate on reading. Now that I am that certified data nerd AND on vacation I’m sliding back into a reading rhythm again.

As for this particular book, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, it was completely fine. With a happy end. Just what I needed.


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