Crafting {:} a saga

In one day.

Yesterday was do-day of the conference. I didn’t propose any discussion on the first day, but wanted to do something today: write a story inspired by this event. I also wanted to invite other people to contribute to the story.

In the end only my friend Rob P joined me in the morning, but it was the best partner to brainstorm ideas about the story plot.

I started out with a big paper sheet and stickies to collect ideas and elements. We then identified two crises and started putting the stickies an a curve. This was all with elements of real life, but I wanted it to be a fictional story, so together we started generating ideas for location, character names, crises events based on those real life experiences. Since it was just the two of us, we decided to walk pit of the venue and have a proper coffee at Receiver’s. A great decision, since we came up excellent character names.

And then came the hard part. Writing the story. This was a solitary job, and I spent the next five hours writing it. I got stuck with the storyline at first so I went back to putting stickies on the sheet of paper to map the story line in a logical linear order. I asked Rob to think along and then things fell into place and the writing started to flow.

It turned out to be a saga and I got the chance to read it out loud to all participants before desserts. It was a first draft, so it felt like standing naked in front of a crowd, but the audience was captivated and after finishing I looked up and saw Peter crying. I struck a chord. And he was not the only one. I received to many compliments of pretty much all of the people Peter managed to bring together for two days, telling me it brought tears to their eyes.

Mission accomplished.

P.S.: the story needs editing and re-editing before I can publish it, but it will be available soon.