Advanced doodling

Today I attended a mandatory online training in SQL. The entire day I watched the teacher write queries. Not my idea of a efficient nor effective learning method. However, it did give me plenty opportunity for drawing while listening.


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Python logic

I’ve finished the first two modules on Python in DataCamp, the tool Techionista Academy uses for learning the basics. So far so good. It really helps that computer language is not completely alien to me. As a teenager I typed in tiny Basic examples from magazines to run silly programs. At university I started building websites form scratch in HTML and I can read and intervene in PHP thanks to years of experience using WordPress.

Getting properly introduced to Python really gives me better understanding of the logic of it. For instance when to use ‘ ‘ and when not. Or learning the difference between an integer and a float. Sometimes though, its logic is not that logical to me. One assignment asked me to select rows from a DataFrame (also known as a table). In this case the dataframe was a list of dogs with some attributes like age, dog breed and dog owner.

Lets call this DataFrame ‘dogs’. First task was to select dogs older than two.

greater_than_2 = dogs[dogs.Age > 2]

From dataframe ‘dogs’, select from column ‘Age’ everything larger than 2.

Next task was to select dogs who’s status was ‘still missing’.

still_missing = dogs[dogs.Status == 'Still Missing']

Easy enough when you know that ‘==’ means equal to.

Then the last task. Select dogs whose dog breed is not equal to poodle. More of the same, I thought. Although I already learned previously that you can’t use ‘dogs.XXX’ for referring to the right column in the table. This column name has two seperate wordes and therefore requires string notation. String notation means that it requires ‘ ‘. So I wrote:

not_poodle = dogs[dogs['Dog Breed' != 'Poodle']]

Running the code gave me an error. I tried many variations, but couldn’t find the mistake I was making. I had to ask for DataCamp to reveal the correct answer to me. It turned out that I had the second to last ] in the wrong place. The correct solution should have been:

not_poodle = dogs[dogs['Dog Breed'] != 'Poodle']

This felt totally unintuitive when I first read it. Now that I’m explaining it here, it starts to feel a bit more logical. I guess that’s what they call the learning curve. All languages have their own logic, which sometimes are in dissonance with the language you hear in your head.

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Back to school

Today I finally started my Data & AI course. I’ll be taking my first steps in learning Python and SQL. It will be an adventure to combine this time intensive course with work for clients, podcasting and Daughtertaining, but one way or the other I’ll manage. It’s not that there’s a lot of other stuff to do at night or during the weekend 😉

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Becoming a certified data nerd in 2021

I just signed a contract to learn how to become a certified data nerd. During the short interview the institute did with me to check whether I’m a good candidate I told them I’m a nerd with the wrong education. That’s not entirely true. Communication Science, or rather Communication Philosophy, suits me to a large extend as well. Especially since I studied at Twente University which was highly technology oriented, even for the social sciences taught there. But amidst the (mainly male) nerds in Enschede I always felt a bit left out. I kept having this feeling that all the graduated engineers had skills they could thrive on along their career and I fell behind. As if they had a better foundation which I lacked. By signing the contract to start at Techionista Academy, a company focusing on training women in IT, I’m restructuring my own foundation for that unsupported nerd pillar in my heart.

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Back to school?

I’m at the brink of signing up for the data & AI course at Techionista Academy. I’ve been looking for a way to up my skills on the data front for a few years now. So far, the courses I looked at were either too time intensive or too expensive. The one at Techionista I can afford. Due to Covid-19 they do the entire course online, which gives me great flexibility while taking care of Daughter after school. Following the part-time schedule for 22 weeks leaves a bit of time left doing work for clients as well. And a 22 week long course, starting the second week of January, will give me something to focus on during the long winter months while we wait for the salvation of covid-19 through vaccination programs or, in case vaccines are useless, until the weather allows us to meet outdoors again. The only downside: I will have to use Windows because Techionista partners with Microsoft. I can live with that.

The mere thought of going back to school makes me nervous, though. My last exam was sixteen years ago. I was so glad the days of working for grades was over. Nevertheless, if I indeed sign up for the class and pass the exams in June 2021, I will be a Microsoft Azure certified data nerd at the beginning of Summer 2021. How does that sound?

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